Congratulations on your new home

Now that you are settling into your new home, you will want to do everything you can to protect it.

CSI is a local West Los Angeles home security company servicing the Westside for the past 30 years. We specialize in providing a customized protection solution catered to your specific needs.

What separates CSI from the rest is our professionalism, knowledge, innovative solutions and most importantly, customer service.

  • Same Day Service Guaranteed

    CSI is the only security company on the Westside that will service your alarm or equipment within 24 hours guaranteed.

  • 24/7 Live Guard Camera Monitoring

    CSI is the only company on the Westside offering a camera solution with live guards monitoring your cameras 24/7 for you.
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  • Fastest Armed Patrol Response

    CSI offers fast, armed patrol response to your alarms and 24/7 direct assistance, vacation watch, escort service & daily drive-by patrol.

For a one-stop solution for all your home protection needs, fill out the form or call 310-475-3100 for a free consultation.

CSI has made all the difference in the world. Out the gate, they have been amazing. I feel totally taken care of and my rep has taken a truly consultative approach to help us navigate our system. He showed up with a technician during the install and was very patient even with all of my questions. Calling their monitoring system is great and the team on the phones is quick, professional and friendly. I highly recommend CSI!

Howard B.

Torrance, CA

They have great customer service and good attention to detail. It's nice to have a robust security company with the Mom and Pop feel. They have the ability to dispatch their own armed security patrol to check out your property, which let me tell you really saves on False alarm bills. I have recommended them to other people and will definitely continue to do so.

Robert G.

Los Angeles, CA

The main aspects that drew us to them were two things: price and the no False Alarms. I signed immediately on the day that I met them and luckily did not have to look back. While there were one or two hiccups on the path to completion, CSI staff and owner addressed everything above and beyond our expectations! Because of all these qualities, I could not recommend a better service in the Los Angeles area for security systems. 

Adam A.

Santa Clarita, CA

Professional people of the highest integrity, at a very reasonable cost. Courteous staff; always on-time, recommending, installing, and monitoring all that you need, and not more. They installed Security cameras, both closed circuit, as well as cloud Ring (various units).  This tied it with Door and Window alarms has kept our property safe. I highly recommend them.

Khody K.

Pacific Palisades, CA

CSI Security provides responsive service, great value pricing for monitoring of our burglar and fire monitoring services.  They stand by their motto of No False Alarm Fines and if it does happen, they reimburse and ensure that our equipment and monitoring are up to code.  Angelia is a great listener.

Lucille A.

Los Angeles, CA