If you own a business, you no doubt know the importance of keeping it safe. Businesses are the target of burglars, criminals and even employees. Trust CSI Security to help protect your business with the best monitoring and security systems available. We will happily work with you to design a custom security system that will work with your unique situation and needs.

Investing in the right protection system is key to ensure the safety of your employees and site visitors – as well as the security of the communities in which you do business.

We are confident that we can find a system that will not only fit your company, but your budget as well. Here are only a few of the services that CSI Security can provide. Please do not hesitate to give us a call for more information or to inquire about a service that may not be listed here.

Hold Up

Hold up or emergency alarm buttons are an invaluable way to protect employees in emergency situations. Installed in conjunction with a Security Alarm System, buttons can be used to notify authorizes of potentially dangerous situation without the need for a person to place a telephone call.


Perimeter Protection

Outdoor Perimeter Protection systems can be installed on a pre-existing structure, such as on fences and perimeter walls, rooftops, outdoor motions or as well outdoor security can be reached creating invisible open areas by using infrared beams that detect any kind of perturbing event, triggering alarm signals if crossed.


Cellular Monitoring

Eliminates vulnerable land line use. An effective way to have your system monitored without any break in communication with the Central Station.


Safe & Vault Systems

A complete system will protect the top, bottom, all sides and the outer doors of the vault or safe.



Today’s interactive systems are convenient, flexible and easy to use. Through an app, security systems can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world. Business owners can receive text and email notifications every time their security system is turned on or off. Business activities can be monitored via hi definition camera systems and electronic door entry systems.


Open / Close Systems

What if you could customize your own security reports and have access to them anytime? Account data and reports, such as late-to-close, early-to-close, late-to-open and early-to-open, are quick and easy to retrieve. With CSI Security’s open/close supervision, you can access them all through the Web and even choose daily email reports. Your secured account information is available anytime. Call us today to use these tools to give your business this advantage.


Remote Systems

With remote access, you are always in tune with your business. With CSI connect you can now utilize the internet to control your security system in real time. Whether you are down the street, across town or across the country you can use the internet.

CSI Connect Remote Access can be added to most security systems.

Questions? Let us call you

When you rely on CSI Security to install and maintain your system you get:


  • A safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors
  • The ability to protect mission-critical networks and assets
  • The knowledge of who is in your facility, and the ability to manage their level of access and meet compliance regulations
  • Multi-factor authentication for government and regulated industries
  • Seamless IP network integration that supports real-time monitoring (SNMP)
  • Solutions that follow the complete access control lifecycle — from proof of identity and issuing credentials to managing and retiring credentials
  • Excellent customer support

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