Professionally designed, installed, and maintained hazard monitoring systems are a crucial part of any business. They protect your staff, building and inventory from potential high levels of carbon monoxide, pipe burst, flooding and alert you immediately so you can quickly take action.

Investing in the right hazard monitoring system is key to ensure the safety of your employees and site visitors – as well as the security of the communities in which you do business.

Carbon Monoxide

A fire left unattended will leave havoc in its wake. It’s one of the most dangerous and costly threats to loved ones and property. With CSI Security Fire Communicator, a signal will immediately be sent to our monitoring center at the first sign of smoke or rising temperatures. And help will be on the way in five minutes or less.e


Water Leak Detection

Unexpected water leaks can cause irreparable damage to your property especially when it comes to electronic equipment. Water leak alarms protect your property and detect the presence of water before it contacts equipment or other valuables in your business.

Fire Systems

Fire alarm systems play a key role in safeguarding life and property. Benefits of a CSI Fire Alarm System: Early Detection of fire conditions allowing quick evacuation and minimizing fire damage - Radio Back Up communication ensures alarm transmissions and eliminates the need for a land line


Testing of Fire Systems

CSI offers comprehensive test and inspection services, as well as remote electronic daily testing to make sure your life/safety fire alarm system is in full working order and providing your business the fire alarm protection that is necessary for proper safety.


Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our 24 Hour Central Monitoring Station monitors every element of your fire alarm systems, including sprinklers, with trained staff ready to react to any trouble at your business.


Evacuation & Voice Alarm Systems

Lifesaving evacuation and voice alarm systems from CSI are designed to evacuate buildings quickly, safely and efficiently. As a market leader in fire safety, security and building automation, CSI can provide this expertise and deliver efficient solutions to meet your needs.


Suppression Systems

CSI fire protection systems are effective, easy to use, and safe for people, key assets, facilities and the environment. Whether your needs are industrial, commercial or special hazard applications, CSI has you covered.


Freezer Temperature Control Monitoring

CSI provides automated environmental monitoring to a limitless number of applications in a wide range of industries. CSI monitors critical parameters such as temperature, humidity and air changes in refrigerators, freezers and ultra-low freezers.

Commercial Services

Video Surveillance
Alarm Monitoring
Access Control
Energy Management
Hazard Monitoring
Armed Response

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When you rely on CSI Security to install and maintain your system you get:


  • A safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors
  • The ability to protect mission-critical networks and assets
  • The knowledge of who is in your facility, and the ability to manage their level of access and meet compliance regulations
  • Multi-factor authentication for government and regulated industries
  • Seamless IP network integration that supports real-time monitoring (SNMP)
  • Solutions that follow the complete access control lifecycle — from proof of identity and issuing credentials to managing and retiring credentials
  • Excellent customer support

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